Answer These 20 Questions to Identify Your Dream Home

The more time you spend at this early stage of your home search, the less time you'll spend looking at houses that aren’t going to work for you.  

If you're looking for a house with a partner or spouse, try answering the questions separately and then comparing your answers. It might spark some very interesting conversations!


·         What is the highest purchase price you’d consider? 

·         Are there areas of the city you want to target or avoid?

·         Is there a particular school district or school you want to target or avoid?

·         Are you looking for a single-family home, condo, villa, etc.?

·         Are there certain floor plans you desire or want to avoid? (Ranch, split level, etc.)

·         How many square feet of living space do you want?

·         How many bedrooms do you want?

·         How many bathrooms and what type do you want? (Full, half, tubs vs. showers, etc.)

·         What type of dining area do you want? (Formal, eat-in kitchen, etc.) 

·         How many garage spaces do you want, and does parking need to be attached?

·         What type of basement do you want? (Concrete, walk-out, finished, etc.)

·         Would you consider a home with a septic system or only those with public sewers?

·         Do you want a fireplace, and does it need to be gas log or wood burning?

·         Where do you prefer the laundry hookups to be?

·         What type of yard do you want, and do you prefer a deck or patio?

·         Does living in a neighborhood with a Homeowner’s Association appeal to you or not?

·         What is the age range of homes you would consider?

·         Are you looking for a home that is move-in ready or more of a fixer-upper?

·         How long do you expect to stay in the home you purchase?

·         On which of the first 19 questions are you flexible and on which are you firm


If you're ready to start looking for your dream home, give me a call and let me know how I can help!